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"Play and Learn with Joshy Jacket" feedback:

"Thank you Mrs Oliver.  It's a lovely book." (Midlands)

"We can't wait for the next book." 

"It's exciting.  It's fun.  It's happy.  It's playful.  It's adventurous." (Boy, 9 years, UK)

"It's excellent." (Mrs H)

"Lovely book for my new neice/nephew.  Loving the colours and simplicity of the book. More, more..." (NM UK)

"Play and Learn with Joshy Jacket" is motivating and stimulating young children to engage in reading. It's "brilliant, exciting and beautifully illustrated". Available from this website, Waterstones and other booksellers.




"Treasured Memories", has been described as "A beautiful theme...very touching...romantic, attractive...amazing and great". 




“A Priceless Gem”, is a rich and uplifting collection of 'excellent' poetry from this inspirational and motivational poet and author.  There are many poems to choose from in this particular mix.  Musicians of all ages are inspired by the "Musicians" poem.   The poem on "Mum" is an all-round winner, loved by children, adolescents and adults. This A5 handbag sized book is an ideal gift.  The large print version of “A Priceless Gem” is also available on this website.


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