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When sickle cell invades™

Those who have experience of sickle cell disorder will understand some of its complexities.  This poem was written after a young child ended up in intensive care twice as a result of the complications of sickle cell anaemia, a life-threatening blood disorder.

Although the words of the poem pierce deep into the emotions, it is one of the S Kay Oliver's favourite poetic work. "When Sickle Cell Invades" recount a story for many patients, carers and families, who live the experience of sickle cell disorder daily. Some are unable to discuss  their personal experiences, for different reasons, including fear. S Kay uses poetry as a vehicle to voice the experience. Some people find it difficult to share the breath, depth and impact of sickle cell disorder on their lives. S Kay Oliver prays that this work will raise awareness of sickle cell and contribute to making a difference to the lives of many patients, parent, carers and families. More empathy and understanding needs to be shown to those affected by sickle cell disorder. Aspects of this may be achieved through a greater understanding of the condition, its ongoing and long-term impact on the clients, families and carers.

Personal experience led S Kay Oliver to write this "When Sickle Cell Invades". Throughout her life, she has felt that situations of difficulty have never been beyond the comforting hands of God. God has always brought her out of the most challenging life experiences. S Kay Oliver strongly believes that He will continue to be her guide as she puts her faith in Him.


What wind doth blow you here?
Of time appropriate, of age or changes in the air?
Of colour or state or social or political affair?

From what region doth ye come?
Of southern hemisphere, of Turkish shores
Of African lineage rich or poor
Or Grecian commodores?

Of what country are ye?
Of sun-kissed Caribbean sands
Or Europe’s Anglo-Saxon lands
Or Asia’s variagated bands?

And of what blood are ye?
Of Africa's race with Europe’s trace
Or Europe’s race with Africa’s trace

What e’er it be
I ask you now to look and see
Some legacies of history
That tie unbinding minds
And take no note of colour or kind

When lovers dwell beneath the sun
And fold their arms ‘neath icy moon
When trees give up their leaves full swing
Young lambs bleat out as daffodils sing

We view our babes in bundles proud
Which none think they’ll be wrapped’n a shroud
But turned they from pictures of health
From avenues of pearls or wheels of wealth?

With swift venomous velocity
And sudden fierce ferocity
The tranquil mood is rent asunder
As lightning bursts the clouds with thunder ..."
by ©The Poet S Kay Oliver. 2002.

This is an extract from S Kay Oliver's poem ‘When Sickle Cell Invades'™ . If you would like to buy the complete book of inspirational poems, please click on this link for details  'A Priceless Gem'.

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