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Reflections 1

Reflection 1 by S Kay Oliver

As I prayed at 5.30 one morning, I heard the rhythm of birdsong filling the previously silent air. I tried to count beats between each melodious exchange but it was far too complex for me to separate each note. Even the silence of the morning did not allow me to pace the rhythm of this beautiful conversational song. What must I do to understand this piece of creation? Perhaps I need to listen to the birdsong again when the opportunity comes. If we relate this to our own everyday lives, there are times when a conversation or information is too complex for us to understand. In school or college, teaching may appear to be far above our level of understanding. We may feel to get up and walk out of the classroom or lecture theatre. Please stop and think before you do that. Today I still don't understand the birdsong but I treasure that early morning experience of hearing them sing. I am also waiting for another opportunity to hear them sing again so I can try to make more sense of their conversation. You may not have understood everything the first, second or third time you heard it but be be prepared to return to a place of learning. Don't give up!  Keep trying.  Nothing beats someone who tries. Try your very best, be kind to you and don't give up on yourself. Learn something new each day, even from an early morning birdsong.

Moral: Be patient and listen even when you don’t understand what someone is saying. In time to come those words or sounds will begin to make sense.

Scripture paraphrased: The race is not for the fastest or the strongest runner but the runner who perseveres to the end of the race. They that wait on the Lord Jesus shall have their strength renewed. Be quick to listen and slow to get angry. If you do get angry, don't let that anger lead you to do something you will regret. Always forgive 490 times each day.

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Last Updated: March 24, 2016